🌟 Artist Interview: Dan Cordie (@Supafray)

A candid conversation with the artist who builds homes for the homeless

Sup cool cats! Fat Cat Fun is two fwends (stevenmeets and kevinhabits) investing, collecting and documenting our journey through the exploding NFT space.

Supafray, is the artist behind the aptly titled “Star Falls” series - our first acquisition of an entire series. Dan shipped a canvas print for each NFT, a use case we’re keen to further explore.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Please tell us about yourself.

SUPAFRAY: My name is Dan Cordie and the name of my art alias is Supafray. I grew up in the lakes country of Minnesota. While studying at the University of North Dakota, I launched my first company that aimed to address bicycle theft. Following college I felt pulled to move to a city with a strong music and art scene. I chose San Francisco and lived blocks from the colorful Haight Ashbury.

My goal has been to always create a positive community impact through my work. In addition to being an artist I am a founder of an artist led project that builds emergency tiny homes for the homeless in Oakland, California. Our organization is named Artists Building Communities and we’ve built 7 tiny homes since the start of the pandemic. We’re currently raising funds to build 7 more tiny homes. 

FAT CAT FUN(D): What was your path to becoming an artist?

SUPAFRAY: Drawing and painting were activities that I always tapped into pretty strongly in my youth. This connection faded away during high school. At 18 I attended my first music festival which was a powerful reconnection to the artworld. Following many more festival experiences I started painting in a vibrant abstract style. This was something that I kept to myself and was more of a means of therapy. 

Four years ago I followed a tutorial that was created by digital artist Zouassi which led me to start experimenting with a tripped out explosion technique. The response I received to my first digital creations from day one was super positive which propelled me on the artistic path. I was definitely motivated by Beeple’s everydays and have been able to create everyday runs for 150 days straight two separate times.

Starting in May I am going to be focusing on art full-time and will create everyday once again. This past year has been a year of milestones for Supafray as I dropped a streetwear line with Fresh Hoods, filmed + edited my first music video, collabed on a sportswear collection, walked the runway at Sacramento Fashion Week, and sold my first 8 NFTs.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What inspires your art?

SUPAFRAY: My creations are heavily inspired by the unseen world. This includes outer space, deep sea, and the energies that connect humans to one another as well as to the natural world. My style best aligns with glitch art and visibly is fueled by the cyberpunk vibe. I have a series titled “Lines through my Eyes” which explores my astigmatism. Due to the shape of my eyes lights look like they’re exploding when I see them at night. With this series I am able to show people what I see.

I’m also motivated by finding a balance between the technological world and natural world. They both have value and it’s important that we don’t stray too far from nature as it’s a part of us as much as we are a part of it.  

FAT CAT FUN(D): What’s the story behind each piece of the “Star Falls” series?

SUPAFRAY: “Last Night's Dreams” was inspired by the colors we witness nightly when we close our eyes. “Excitable Motions” communicates - through color - your childhood experience when you’re out-of-this-world excited. “Ethereal Radiations” shows the sparks that flare when we vibe strongly with another human. 

SUPAFRAY: “Splicing Stars” evokes the sense of awe when exploring the celestial worlds. “Magic Mynd” captures the freeing sensation of cliff jumping into water. “Acid in the Night” was inspired by camping at music festivals and shows the strong connection to the stars above.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Which artists most excite you?

SUPAFRAY: Always inspired by Android Jones. Digging what he’s dropped as NFTs and expecting he’ll do big things in the space.

Jonathan Foley is straight crushing it with NFTs. Definitely inspired by his work and way of navigating the marketplace. 

Super into the otherworldly creations of Erin McGean. Happy to have a piece from her Hot Lips series which was the first piece in my collection. 

Excited about what NYC Hip Hop artist Artz has cooking with Free Real Estate Art. This is a place that connects visual artists with musicians to collaborate on NFT projects. Look forward to being a part of a couple upcoming drops.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What’s a fun fact about yourself?

SUPAFRAY: I once went skydiving barefoot onto a beach with a good friend who was dressed as Spiderman. Stoked to relive the skydiving experience when I take my nephew skydiving as a part of his high school graduation gift in June!

Connect with Supafray on Instagram, Twitter, Rarible and support his non-profit project here.

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