🚨 Drop Alert: Announcing the Fat Cat FunD

100 ETH to invest into NFT Artists and Projects

Sup cool cats! Fat Cat Fun is two fwends (kevinhabits and stevenmeets) sharing news, notes and thots about the exploding NFT space.

We’re setting aside 100 ETH to invest into emerging NFT Artists and Projects.


The most popular question we’ve received from this blog is “How do I get exposure into NFTs?”

The NFT space is so nascent that there’s not much data to support any one investment strategy.

And so the best way to find out…is to just start investing.

Why now?

Tbh, the recent NFT mania had us thinking…

But at the end of the day, it came down to “Why the f*ck not?!?”

What’s your thesis?

We believe the long-term potential of NFTs is to become the digital wrapper for any valuable asset.

If MP3’s were for digitizing music, and DivX/Xvid/mp4 were for digitizing video…then NFTs are for digitizing valuable assets - starting with scarce assets.

As a digital file format, NFTs easily surf the “value superhighway” and will unlock a plethora of new opportunities for all types of creators.

We’d like to help creators benefit from these new opportunities.

Lastly, you can’t spell fund without fun 😽

What to expect:

  • We’ll publicly share who we invested in and why

  • Our thought process through it all (obligatory disclaimer: not financial advice)

  • Monthly reports summarizing the above

  • Cat memes 🐈

How you can join the fun:

  • Subscribe and follow along

  • Send along your questions and comments

  • Share Artists you enjoy and interesting projects

Will share more as time goes. Cheers!