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Maybe my music and art will interest you.


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this is my instagram where im posting my new artworks but im not entirely sure how to about minting cause its well,pricey

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Hi guys! Here Mattia from Italy! I quit my studies and work for put all myself in my art evolution! So...follow my dreams! https://foundation.app/@mlstudios Here my last works..if you want talk with me my dm are always open!

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Hello Kevin and Steven, my name is Sasha and I am a Uk based digital artist. I recently watched Stevens NFT video with Bitcoin for Beginners on YouTube and really enjoyed it, so thank you! Also really finding the content on fatcatfun.com to be so helpful!

This is incredible and how exciting!

I hope that you don’t mind me saying this but...

My 16 year old twin and I have set up our NFT space on Opensea and have just launched an exclusive collection titled Rouge III. The art pieces included in the original series provide the feeling of ultimate opulence due to the elements included in the pieces. You will have to take a look to find out 😉 All pieces are cohesive with one another and only 1 of each piece has been minted. A truly Limited collection. We would really appreciate any support and are exceptionally grateful to have found this opportunity.

Best wishes

Sasha and Poppy - 16 year old Uk based artists

Link to collection - Rouge III


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Cool stuff.. Where can I find your 1st report?

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