🎉 Fat Cat Drop Party #2

Drop it like it's non-fungible

What’s DROP PARTY? It’s a curated selection of artworks from amazing NFT artists. Scroll on to see the works, learn more about each artist and why they made it, in their own words!


Artist: Amir Karimian

Amir Karimian is an independent graphic designer and visual artist who lives and works in Iran. He studied graphic design and currently he is a university lecturer.
His visual expression in dealing with the morphology of the writings is quite formalistic. His forms are created with the origin of the written form and the expression of personal feeling is evident in his works.

In their own words:

“It is always fascinating for me to see the components of a factory. Each piece of factory machine seems to have a form, and these forms together form a set that has both the ability to produce a product and is aesthetically pleasing. I got the idea for this from the factory.”

Buy it here: MakersPlace || 0.5 ETH

Trails of Green | The Odyssey

Artist: NIYAS

Art Director & Concept Designer for film and video games.

In their own words:

“The world around us changes at dazzling speeds. Spaces and habitation cross-over to newer technologies and forms, as man tries to fit in the swarming population. The Sanctuary by the Elders is the sole safe haven. HIRA and her Dada venture out to explore the world one city at a time. Together with Boots, their companion on the quest to ' The Sanctuary '. This is their story - The Odyssey of HIRA and her Dada.”

Buy it here: Foundation || 0.5 ETH

002 Spiritual Path

Artist: Edward Losevsky

Character / Creature artist and digital sculptor.

In their own words:

“Long time ago he was a warrior but then he decided to abandon his lifestyle and go full on spiritual path.”

Buy it here: Foundation || 0.15 ETH

The Space Pantheon

Artist: Nadamel

23-year-old self-taught digital artist and designer from the beautiful southern state of Kerala in India. Featured by Adobe, Behance and Wacom Gallery.

In their own words:

“Millenniums and light years ago, before the Mother Earth crumbled beyond its continuance, There existed a human society graced by the Space pantheon; For they believed, that man shall conquer the mud, the roaring waves and the astral room.

And one day, when the terrain faced assault, a war for its survival, The prophets and the oracles wrote in their scrolls, that a Saviour shall descent from the heavens.

To fight the battles and shield humanity from extinction!”

Buy it here: Foundation || 1.25 ETH

Isai Legend

Artist: Melvin Thambi

Artist, Designer & Creative Entrepreneur, focused on portrait drawings. Wins Business Mentor of the Year at Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Co-Founder of NFT Malayali. Founder of Emm & Enn Art Gallery.

In their own words:

“A musical legend with magical hands who brought a new wave of freshness to Indian film music. The 90's kids grew up with his soulful music close to their hearts. His music now transcends cultures and unites minds across borders. As an Indian, so proud of his music that ties people together and brings glory to our country in the international music space.”

Buy it here: Wazirx || 1950 WRX

Bee bot 2

Artist: Julio Cesar Benavides Macias

3D generalist artist, 3D modeler for environments, characters and props.

In their own words:

“The second bot combined with nature, a series of 10 bots that come with robotic parts or machines to survive global warming. The collection will be 10 incredible pieces. The winner of this NFT will receive a video.”

Buy it here: Foundation || 0.666 ETH

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