🎬 #FatCatDAO: how it's going

😸What is it? 😽How does it work? 😽 Lessons learned thus far

Sup cool cats! Fat Cat Fun(d) is two fwends (stevenmeets and kevinhabits) documenting our NFT investing and collecting journey. DM us for any deep dive requests!

😸 What is the #FatCatDAO?

It's a collectively owned NFT collection and fund to help emerging NFT artists level up

😺 Why?

We believe NFTs will enable artists to become the “Fat Cats” of the future.

The DAO is here to help make that happen.

We also believe the best way for an artist to improve one’s craft, is to become a collector themself. Fat Cat Fun(d) provides funds for artists to start collecting.

😽 How does it work?

DAO members are invited to be curators for the DAO’s collections.

Each DAO curator is allocated ETH to curate and buy NFTs they stan. The curator then receives 30% of profits when the NFT is resold.

In other words, DAO curators receive a profit-share without having to invest their own funds. This is a great opportunity for artists to learn how collectors think and get free upside at the same time.

Additionally, DAO members learn from each other via exclusive panels, AMAs, and a private Discord:

The DAO aims to foster an environment where NFT Artists come to learn, grow, and level up together. A place where a spirit of service, curiosity and gratitude is valued.

😻 Genesis Curators

Who exactly are the artists/curators of the DAO’s genesis collection? 👇

  • @ANadamel: 23-year-old self-taught digital artist and designer from the beautiful southern state of Kerala in India. Featured by Adobe, Behance and Wacom Gallery.

  • @fabielloart: Hand drawer, beauty translator, digital remixer, between space and time dimension. Walking the line toward myself and my art since 2019.

  • @mewmewkittyoink: Video game concept artist in the AAA space. Projects include: Destiny, Halo 5, Avatar, Shadow of War, Division 2: Warlords of NY.

  • @MigratingL: Digital artist creating the world of Dino, one location at a time.

  • @romerotherock: 24 yo digital artist from Russia. Focused on love of life, kindness and honesty.

  • @Supafray: Digital Artist Inspired by the Unseen World. 10% of NFT Sales go towards building Tiny Homes for Oakland, CA’s unhoused residents.

  • @ThambiMelvin: Artist, Designer & Creative Entrepreneur, focused on portrait drawings. Co-founder @NFTMalayali.

  • @timsanimation: Australian Animator/Illustrator and Motion Designer.

😻 Genesis Collection

So far, these fine folks have curated 10+ works:

🧠 Surprises, Lessons and What’s Next

DAO members have surprised us at every turn, most notably:


Yea we know, our Fat Cat branding is shit. The name itself started off as a joke.

So several DAO members stepped up to uplift our branding game - most notably @ThambiMelvin, @ANadamel, @Supafray and @MigratingL who’ve got some incredible stuff in the works.

Lesson: We need to build the DAO’s brand into something worth flexing on one’s Twitter bio.

Peer Learning

There’s something magical about everyone learning together, in real-time. Some of the DAO’s best conversations have been peers trading tips with one another.

Lesson: We’ll be creating more avenues for DAO members to learn from each other.


Whether it’s @tpvinpan gifting an NFT to the DAO’s collection, or @ANadamel gifting Foundation invites to fellow members, the generosity of the NFT community is infectious and inspiring.

Lesson: It’s inspired us to donate a portion of DAO profits to charity. Recommendations?

Drop Parties

We all know drops work well for sneakers, and we’ve learned it also works for 1:1 NFT art:

While drop parties on Clubhouse, IG and Twitter are always fun…more can be done to help collectors find signal.

Lesson: We’ll start sending periodic “Drop Party 🥳” emails that feature curated NFT artwork available for sale.

Let’s party! 🍾

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