📓 May 2021 report

NFT Indices, new Art formats (generative masterpieces, music videos) and metaverse parties

Sup cool cats! Fat Cat Fun(d) is two fwends (stevenmeets and kevinhabits) documenting our NFT investing and collecting journey. DM us for any deep dive requests!

Last month, we pounced on NFT indices, hunted for new Art formats (generative masterpieces, music videos) and toyed with metaverse parties. 🐾


NFT Indices: $MVI and $PLAY

When it comes to projects, our current investment strategy is to simply get broad exposure via NFT indices, and reserve dry powder for high conviction bets. There’s only 3 indices to choose from at the moment:

We ended up acquiring positions in $MVI by TokenSets and $PLAY by PieDAO and NFTX. While both utilize some form of market cap weighted allocations, we appreciate that $MVI also accounts for liquidity.

All 3 indices have high concentrations in Game and Metaverse projects.

This aligns with our view that after DeFi, we’ll start to see #PlayFi 🎮

Blankos Block Party

The Sandbox meets Kidrobot. Finally, a metaverse game that actually looks fun! We love the aesthetics and branding and believe it has real potential to attract mainstream consumers. We’ll be looking for opportunities to be active “party animals.”


Arrival by Carl Edlund

The first scene from Carl Edlund’s Visitors project, a never before released series of sci-fi paintings showing the arrival of an alien race to earth. The vision and quality of the work reflect Carl’s background as a matte artist for film (Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter), TV (The Witcher, The Crown) and more.

Kazdora: The Pigeos Village by MigratingLines

The second piece we acquired from MigratingLine’s interactive narrative. We love the interactive elements like the leaderboard and even choose your character!

the Remixable Reclining Nude by Fabiello

Mixing the old with the new - a programmable artwork that combines generative art with masterpieces spanning four centuries. 4 remixable layers with 6 states each yield 1,296 possibilities.

YAKUTIA 2077 by Feoktist Alekseev

We jumped at the opportunity to be designbyfeo’s first NFT collector. YAKUTIA 2077 is a music video imagining his native land in the year 2077, with music he produced himself. The vibes had our tails thumpin’ 🎵

through the time by Romero

A fat cat inspired piece 😸! Romero was kind enough to honor us in his First Collectors series.

⏭ What’s Next:

We’ve got founder interviews, artist interviews and new announcements lined up for June. Give us a follow on Twitter for the latest!

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