Banksy entering NFT? (Issue #3)

2021 NFT predictions, NFTX, cryptoart galleries

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NFTX [Gecko], a mechanism and marketplace to turn rare NFTs into shards, so it can have multiple owners.

Investors can buy “index funds” of different NFTs, the price discovery process gets better, and there’s even a sweet “buyout” feature where you can propose to purchase all outstanding shards from existing holders, to become the sole owner if you so desire.

Similar projects include Rally and Otis.

STEVEN’S WEEKLY 😍: Cryptoart Galleries

One of the first questions for any cryptoart collector is “how do I enjoy my cryptoart?”

Within virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Somnium:

Viewing your collection online is fragmented across the different NFT marketplaces. Collectors Hub consolidates across NFT platforms into a single online gallery:

Wanna enjoy your cryptoart in the real world?

You could rig up your own setup:

Or use the Async Apple TV app (limited to Async-only pieces):

Artist Beeple went so far as to mail purchasers a digital frame that displays the loop of the NFT:

It’s early days, so the available options are pretty janky. When iPhone moment for cryptoart?


  • $8.2M in NFT art sales in December (almost $100M run rate), with most sales in ETH [Coindesk]

  • NFT game Aavegotchi is migrating to Matic Network because of Ethereum's high gas fees [Cryptobriefing]

  • TRON launches NFT standard TRC-721 [Tron Foundation]

  • Metapurse acquires the entire Beeple Everydays collection ($2.2M). Why? “We feel strongly that Beeple’s entry into the crypto art world is an accelerant for the entire NFT ecosystem.” []

  • Blockchain game Axie Infinity had a blockbuster 2020 including parabolic growth, launch of their AXS governance token, and a new round of funding [Axie Year in Review]

  • Another week, another DJ (Carl Cox) dropping their 1st NFT collection [@FutureArt_]

  • Hip-hop / nerdcore MC Lars had a great podcast interview with a music copyright lawyer, some good advice for all creators [Soundcloud]

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