🌟 Artist Interview: Elia Pellegrini (@timcet)

A candid conversation with the Italian artist, musician and Mensa Italia member

Sup cool cats! Fat Cat Fun is two fwends (stevenmeets and kevinhabits) investing, collecting and documenting our journey through the exploding NFT space.

We’re privileged to be a part of Elia Pellegrini’s (@timcet) NFT journey with the addition of two pieces: Mona Lisa - The Astronaut and Napoleon Crossing the Alps - Crossing Schiaparelli.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Please tell us about yourself.

ELIA: I’m 22 years old, from Italy, and I studied astronomy in Padua city, near Venice. I've been working as a 3D artist for 5 years. I have always painted and created art since I was a child and my family has always supported me in this.  I first started working in Milan TV ads, but I was aware that my aspirations weren't Italian TV spots. So I worked for Ferrari and the engine industry. Then, again, I realized that my goal in life was different so I changed work again. At the moment I’m working for YHELLOW production and blhue production, mainly we work for music videos - I did the VFX for David Guetta, PVRIS, Deftones, and many more.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What inspires your art?

ELIA: My main sources of inspiration are Light, Music and Research. Light because it is in everything and allows you to see reality in different ways. Music because being another form of art stimulates the imagination in a synesthetic way, allowing you to create directly from sound associations. Finally, research because thanks to this there is evolution, looking for new artists to be inspired by, looking for new techniques, etc.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What’s the story behind Mona Lisa - The Astronaut and Napoleon Crossing the Alps - Crossing Schiaparelli?

ELIA: These two pieces belong to the "CGI Classic Art" series which is inspired by the great Italian arts of the past - recreated digitally with the astronaut as the subject.

ELIA: The Mona Lisa smile cannot be seen through the astronaut's helmet, representing the era in which we live - social relationships and exchanges of emotions are hidden. The helmet reflection is a painted version of a photo taken during the Apollo lunar missions, while in the background you can see Mars. I have joined the Moon and Mars as symbols of progress. The Mona Lisa Astronaut represents the beginning of a new era.

ELIA: The astronaut rides a robotic arm as a symbol of the replacement of beings of the past, such as horses. Schiaparelli is the name of a large crater on Mars over 450 kilometres in diameter. I chose this crater because its size represents the majesty of the Alps, present in the original painting. In the background you can see the SpaceX Starship and TeslaCybertrucks.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Which artists most excite you?

ELIA: I really love the beautiful masterpieces from Paul Chadeisson, Piotr Jabłoński, Stuart Lippincott, Filip Hodas and many more.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What advice do you have for aspiring NFT artists?

ELIA: In my experience it is a long journey, which requires a lot of time, effort and many sacrifices. Nowadays it is easy to get noticed but it is very difficult to stand out on a long time scale. To do this you need to be stubborn and consistent, experiment as much as possible and create a lot. The more you experiment with different techniques, the more you learn and get to know each other better, until you understand which style will truly characterize us as artists.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What’s a fun fact about yourself?

ELIA: In my latest illustration "Self Portrait" there's a hidden object that reveals a personal detail about myself. See if you can find it ;-)

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