🎉 Fat Cat Drop Party #1

Drop it like it's non-fungible

Here at Fat Cat we’re always thinking of ways to support artists.

Today we’re trying something new: a DROP PARTY where we share exciting new NFT drops from 4 amazing artists.

Scroll on to see the works, learn more about each artist and why they made it, in their own words!

The Remixable Female Selfportrait

Artist: fabiello

Fabiello is a man of many talents, a hand drawer, a beauty translator, and a digital remixer.

In their own words:

The exploration and reinterpretation of the introspective act of representing themselves, of how 10 painters in the span of 5 centuries of the Art history  saw themselves, or were seen by others, this is the meaning of my research in Asyncart programmable Art gallery.

I focus on classical art to interpret the present through the techniques and possibilities of cryptoart, giving the layers' owners the opportunity to create one of the 10k possible remixed self-portraits.

Buy it here: Async || 3 ETH


Artist: TU (tu_illustratu)

An incredible Thailand-based artist, Tu does wildly colorful mashups that are part social commentary, part fantasy exploration, part street culture.

In their own words:

BLOSSOM is inspired by the current situation for artists that recently got into NFT world, Because of the support from collectors. The opportunity you guys gave us. Make us blossomed. Make us shine. Make us grow to become something magnificent.
And both creators and collectors, We become Beautiful.
This is the gratitude from me to you.

Buy it here: Foundation || 1.3 ETH

The Mastermind

Artist: Melvin Thambi

Melvin focuses on portrait drawings and is the co-founder of NFT Malayali. He also founded the Emm & Enn Art Gallery.

In their own words:

They say creativity takes courage. I feel the mastermind, who spent years perfecting his scheme of the heist, never really cared about the money but is actually driven by its art to the minutest details.

The Dalí masks and bright red jumpsuits not only call out ethics of camaraderie & defiance but also hold confrontation, resentment, and cynicism towards the order in the Mastermind's perspective. Dalí's philosophy of rejecting the modern capitalist society thus aligns here.

Maybe one can be rich with money, but to be wealthy, there are many things required, which money cannot buy.

With this thought in mind, 'The Mastermind' is born, a unique art project by Melvin Thambi & prolific illustrator Prasad Bhat.

Buy it here: Foundation || 1.25 ETH

Reaching Out

Artist: supafray

Supafray is a digital artist based out of Oakland, CA who is inspired by the Unseen World. This includes outer space, deep sea, and the energies that connect humans to one another as well as to the natural world.

In their own words:

The piece Reaching Out is inspired by the creative process. It represents the moments where we tap into the creative consciousness to create the world that we envision to be possible.

As humans we are given an opportunity. We are able to reach out and tap into the creative consciousness to share the world that we envision to be possible.

10% of Sale goes towards building Emergency Tiny Homes for Unhoused Community Members in Oakland, CA.

Buy it here: Foundation || 0.23 ETH

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