🌟 Interview: Rare.Market Co-founder

John Biggs unveils his new auction house featuring Banksy, Symble & more

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John Biggs is the co-founder of Rare.Market and was previously Editor In Chief @ Gizmodo and Editor @ CoinDesk, TechCrunch and CrunchGear.

FAT CAT FUN(D): How would you describe Rare.Market?

JOHN: Rare.Market is an online art gallery focused on selling physical art alongside NFTs. We see our NFTs as certificates of authenticity vs. art in itself. While we do sell digital-only products, we far prefer selling physical and digital products. Further, we want to introduce real artists to this world and to do this we are being very discerning when it comes to the artists we carry.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Why should Artists get excited about Rare.Market?

JOHN: Artists should know that we'll walk them through the process step-by-step and we promise we won't use silly jargon or sell sub-par offerings. We respect art and we see this market as a new way to make artists money. We aren't in this to get rich quick but to support the artist every step of the way.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What should Collectors know about Rare.Market?

JOHN: Collectors should know that they are buying a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has. We consider our products to be art, not commerce, and we prefer to sell physical art alongside our NFTs. We are also happy to walk collectors through the process. We offer white glove service.

FAT CAT FUN(D): Who's the team behind Rare.Market?

JOHN: Jay Donovan, John Biggs, and Viktor Shpak co-founded Rare.Market because they saw a huge hole in the NFT world. The current crop of digital art companies are wasting people's time with products that aren't useful or interesting. Instead, we offer something far different and very exciting.

FAT CAT FUN(D): What's your vision of the ultimate potential of NFTs?

JOHN: We see Rare.Market's NFTs as certificates connected to a physical product. We also foresee a world in which digital objects will appear in online experiences and the things we buy in real life will appear in the online metaverse. We're preparing the consumer and the collector for this moment, which means we're way ahead of the cutting edge.

Connect with John on Twitter and don’t forget to check out Rare.Market.

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